“Can you recommend a book for me?”

Probably the question I get asked the most when people learn I am an avid booklover…

Man, that is a hard question. Firstly I have no effing idea what type of books you like. Secondly, I am NOOOOO professional and don’t feel I have read enough books to give a sound recommendation. After a while of getting to know a person I can point them in the right direction but I always want to show them HOW to find a recommendation. I am currently working on a genre based recommendation page on blog (So. Much. Work. Phew!)

BUT… until that is finished…

I can let you know the secrets that get me from book to book.

Here are 5 tricks to get you opening your next book:

1- Look at your book shelf!


I have a really bad habit of buying multiple books at a time and maybe, kinda, only sometimes, forget that there is a fresh brand-spanking new book waiting to be read.  Also – Sometimes you might find an old favourite that catches your eye and you might give it a re-read! While you’re at it – go check mum/dad/sisters shelves. They might be able to recommend something to you!

2 – Goodreads

my read shelf:
Em's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)


An amazing website for book lovers.

Just set up  an account (very easy as you can link it to your Facebook);

Fill in some info about yourself i.e standard stuff and what genres you like to read;

Search for some of the books you have read in the past (and mark them as read);

Under ‘browse’ you can see ‘recommendations’, this is a way of Goodreads suggesting what  you can read next.

ALSO – if you have set this up with Facebook you can (*cough*  stalk *cough*) find your friends that already have Goodreads accounts to see what they are reading!

Yes, I am on Goodreads. Yes, We can be friends!

3 – Go to a bookstore or library

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The girls and guys at these places are amazing! They love to have a chat and are always super helpful with recommendations. They sometimes have a ‘recommendations’ section that may point you in the right direction.

4 – Don’t be scared to switch it up


Just because Esmae, Elaine and Esther have all read this fabulously amazing book doesn’t mean you have to! If it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you DO NOT have to read it.

Change genres, go against the grain! I love reading new releases so no one can really influence my opinion.

5 – Social Media

Now social media is THE BEST way to find a new read. I am so guilty of the ‘cover buy’ (Ergo Coverly Love) so obviously I am susceptible to a pretty cover. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to search til your heart is content! Some ideas are:

Follow your favourite authors (crazily enough they read books too!)

Search for some hashtags #Currentlyreading #bookstagram etc

Follow me on Instagram!!! *Shameless plug of my Instagram* ems.coverlylove

SO! I hope I have helped a little and FYI – if you find an absolute 5/5 star cracking book – please PLEASE tell me about it!! I’d love to hear what’s out there!

Ems xx


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